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We offer a lifestyle, not a job

Career Opportunities

We have over 270 adventure sports and activities for Land, Water, and Air. Our guests are of all ages and skill levels, from the novice to the veteran athlete. We provide our activities and coaching for adventure tourists, universities, corporate team-building retreats, and special occasions, including regional, national, and international competitions. We operate in small teams where your co-workers become your sisters and brothers. To this end, we are seeking individuals with a multitude of skills, eager to learn new ones, and who want to engage the role(s) as a “lifestyle”, not a job! We ask our candidates to complete our pre-interview questionnaire so that you can identify skills you have or are willing to learn.


In order to learn what makes you tick, what skills you have and what skills you want to learn, we have developed a checklist.

Who we are looking for

As noted, and to reemphasize, this is not a job, it is a lifestyle. We are looking for the “whole person”, who is a team-driven leader that can mentor all ages; respectful, tolerant, and patient; a “go-getter”, willing to push the envelope to the unknown; safety-focused with deep-rooted common sense; and an astute, well-informed decision-maker.

We are a Lifestyle Builder