Lighthouse Reef Atoll Belize

Long Caye is a 600-acre island adjacent to two World Heritage sites and is renowned for deep-sea fishing and world-class diving and snorkeling. Over 30 adventure activities for all ages and skill levels are planned on land, in the air, and on the sea and lagoons. 

Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Costa Rica

Located in the heart of “pura vida” farming region, the eco-resort is host to the premier agri-tourism and adventure destination in all of Costa Rica. Equestrian, biking, zip-lining, bouldering, zorbing, ATV, BMX, rappelling, tethered balloon, and more. Farm-to-table cuisine is provided by over 2000 acres of agriculture.

Tracks & Trails - Arms & Arrows

GoBOLD Adventures is preparing an extensive recreation and lodging destination that includes BMX, ATV, MX, bag jump, drift trikes, bulldozers, backhoes, RC racing, and over 30 shooting ranges, including skeet, target, black powder, pistol, archery, axe throw, paint ball, and Hollywood sword fencing.

Indian Country Adventure

Situated on gorgeous landscapes, home to, and hosted by, our Native Americans partners, GoBOLD Adventures is developing multiple sports and recreation parks that will become a popular “bucket list” destination.