Interactive Project Partnership Development

We build long-lasting partnerships with our development stakeholders. To achieve this, we make sure the right team members are at the table, from concept, through construction and training to operations.

GoBOLD Adventures team members provide a range of project development expertise. We tailor each project to respond to its site features, climate, cultural and historical identity, local community, client scope, budget and deadlines. We work closely with our clients and engage them in concept development through quick turnaround sketches and storyboards to high quality 3D renderings, animation walk-throughs to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


Understanding the site is essential. Our site assessment teams evaluate topographic assets and challenges, conduct economic feasibility, and create multiple concept scenarios with our client. Using LIDAR and photogrammetry, we can zero in on all site assets and create accurate topographic surveys and mapping.

Project Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering team follow sustainability design principles that include engineering of integrated utilities and infrastructure as the backbone of each project. Technologies and systems are selected based on performance, efficiency and low maintenance. Architecture, landscape and interior designs respond to the site, local culture and heritage, climate, and functionality.

Project Development

As client representative, we are the development team LEAD. Services include developing integrate utilities and infrastructure (above), prepare Bid Packages, oversee Bidding, Construction and Fabrication Management, Product and Technology procurement.

Operations & Maintenance

We are committed to operating and maintaining our destinations to ensure safety, healthy environments, And high performance in our facility technologies and systems. Our pre-opening services include marketing and branding, hiring and training, budget management, financial reporting, community engagement, public relations and media. Our goal is to consistently enhance our guest experience!